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What is Gynect?

Gynect offers your members affordable access to a network of partner studios, providing flexibility, new sport opportunities, and shared experiences, while retaining membership benefits.

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Your members can upgrade their existing membership at your studio with Gynect and gain access to our network of partner studios without you losing them to competitors.

Your Members
This offer is exclusively available to your members.
Gynect Upgrade
Your members can upgrade their membership for free.
Access to Partner Studios
They gain affordable access to partner studios.

Full Control

Secure your members' loyalty by offering them more variety and flexibility!

Your Benefits as a Partner


With Gynect, your members can


Gynect is a dynamic startup behind the first sustainable Fitness Network, a platform connecting fitness providers and their members seeking diverse workout experiences. Our goal is to empower studios with increased visibility and revenue opportunities while giving them full control. We strive to change the direction of the power shift back to the individual providers!
By joining our network, your studio gains exposure to a wider audience of potential members. You can attract new clients who value variety and convenience while maximizing your studio's revenue potential through our platform.
Partnering with us is completely free of charge and straightforward. There are no upfront fees or membership fees for studios. Our revenue model is based on a commission structure, where we receive a small percentage from every booking through our platform.
You have complete control over your studio's involvement in the network. You can customize your offerings, set pricing, and manage your studio's profile according to your preferences. Our partnership is designed to provide studios with autonomy and flexibility while maximizing their visibility and revenue potential.
Unlike traditional sport aggregators that try to monopolize the market and compromise studio autonomy, Gynect offers a partnership model that prioritizes studio independence. Our approach ensures that studio owners retain full control over their offerings, including class availability, pricing, and capacity management. Through collaboration with Gynect, studios preserve their distinctive identity while offering their members access to the flexibility and variety provided by our network.

Together for greater Strength and Success!

Become part of a network focused on the long-term success of its partners.