Upgrade your gym membership

Just. Train. Anywhere.

Gynect is an upgrade for your existing studio membership, which allows you to visit other studios flexibly, easily and cheaply.

Get more out of your gym membership!

With the Gynect upgrade you finally have the freedom to train in other studios besides your main gym


Just. Train. Anywhere.

Train wherever you want

Train not only in your home gym but also in other fitness and sports studios

No more expensive day passes

With us, you can train cost-effectively in other studios

No more double memberships

With Gynect, you no longer need double memberships - we provide flexibility for everyone

No more lying about the trial session

We give you simple and uncomplicated access to other studios

This is how it works

1. Connect to your studio

Let us know which gym you are registered and upgrade your membership

2. Find studios near you

Search for studios or courses near you and be inspired by the flexibility and variety

3. Check in easily

Book courses in the app and secure your place - pay as you go



Gynect is a Fitness Network - a pioneering platform connecting various fitness providers and their members looking for diverse workout experiences. It aims to offer members flexibility and choice.
As a member, you gain access to a wide range of fitness facilities and classes through our network. You can explore different studios and workout styles without the need for multiple memberships, providing you with convenience and variety.
To become a part of Gynect, you need to have an active contract with one of our esteemed partners. Our verification process ensures the validity of the contract, including its expiration date. Once the verification is successfully completed, you gain access to our network, unlocking a world of fitness possibilities.
Yes! Members of our partner studios enjoy exclusive perks such as discounted rates and pay-as-you-go system, which means no to high membership fees! You can take advantage of special offers and incentives while exploring new fitness opportunities through our network.
Signing up is easy! Simply visit our homepage and check if your gym is already part of our network. If it is, follow our sign-up steps to create your account. If your gym hasn't joined our network yet, no worries! Just sign up for our waiting list, and we'll reach out to your gym right away.

Stay tuned!

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