The Challenges of Third-Party Booking Platforms in the Boutique Fitness Industry


The recent closure of most Fhitting Room studios in the USA is an alarming signal for the boutique fitness industry worldwide. A major reason for this decision is the aggressive practices of third-party booking platforms, which have significantly impacted the studios' revenue and stability.

Problems Caused by Third-Party Booking Platforms

  1. Reduced Revenue:

    High commissions taken by third-party platforms significantly reduce the studios' profit margins, creating financial strain, especially with rising operational costs.

  2. Loss of Control:

    Studios lose direct control over their bookings and customer relationships, making customer retention challenging.

  3. Changed Customer Behavior:

    Customers tend to search for the cheapest deals, resulting in lower loyalty to a particular studio.

The Situation in Germany

The closure of Fhitting Room studios in the USA highlights the potential negative impact third-party booking platforms can have on boutique fitness providers. Similar trends could threaten Germany if these platforms' influence continues to grow. It's crucial to take preventive measures and implement strategies to avoid a similar scenario.

Solution through Gynect

This is where Gynect comes in. Gynect enables fitness and boutique studios to become their own aggregators. As the demand for flexibility and variety among members increases, studios often lack the means to capitalize on this situation.

How It Works:

Members purchase the additional Gynect Upgrade directly through your studio instead of a third-party provider. This upgrade gives your members affordable access to the entire fitness world, allowing them to train anywhere easily and inexpensively. Of course, a membership at your studio is required for this upgrade. Gynect aims to bring more members to its partner studios rather than losing them.

Unique Benefits:

  • Studios can increase their revenue by 10% with their existing customers without investing in new customer acquisition.
  • The churn rate is reduced because members get the variety they crave and are less likely to switch studios.
  • Instead of losing customers to third-party providers, studios gain more members with Gynect, offering more attractive memberships than sports aggregators.


The challenges faced by Fhitting Room in the USA are a wake-up call for the entire industry. Studio owners should carefully consider how they collaborate with third-party providers to ensure the long-term stability and growth of their studios. With Gynect, studios can regain control and offer their members the flexibility they desire.

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